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I-95 Overland Bridge Replacement Project / FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I-95 Overland Bridge

1. Why is the bridge being replaced?
The bridge is being replaced due to gradual structural deterioration which has caused frequent repairs, which usually happens after periods of heavy rains. The bridge was built in 1959.

2. What is included in Overland Bridge project?
This project will replace the series of overpasses that carry traffic on Interstate 95 over Hendricks, Kings and Montana avenues and Atlantic Boulevard.

Other major project details include:

  • Widening I-95 to provide an additional lane in the southbound direction
  • Improving the way traffic enters and exits I-95 at Atlantic Boulevard and Philips Highway/Kings Avenue by providing a full-service interchange
  • Providing additional capacity by adding a two-lane parallel service road for northbound traffic and reconstruct the existing southbound lanes
  • Replacing the I-95 elevated roadway from south of the Fuller Warren Bridge to north of Emerson Street
  • Replacing the I-95 overpass over the FEC railroad near Baptist Medical Center
  • Improving access to and from the Acosta and Main Street bridges
  • Improving the traffic pattern for traffic exiting the Main Street Bridge heading into the San Marco area
  • Permanently closing access to Hendricks Avenue from the southbound Main Street Bridge, new access to Hendricks Avenue will be from Riverplace Boulevard or Prudential Drive
  • Widening the south end of the southbound Fuller Warren Bridge to provide a two-lane exit ramp to the southbound parallel service road
  • Adding bicycle lanes on Atlantic Boulevard from Kings Avenue to Stevens Street alongside the eastbound travel lanes and from Kings Avenue to Old Hickory Road alongside the westbound lanes
  • Eliminating existing drainage ponds under the Fuller Warren Bridge; one remaining as a grassed lot, the other will become an improved parking lot

3. How long will bridge demolition activities occur?
The demolition will continue periodically throughout the project. Once a portion of roadway and bridge is finished, traffic will be shifted to the newly constructed lanes to allow for other sections of the new highway to be demolished and built. The original northbound and southbound lanes are currently being demolished.

4. Why was the speed limit reduced to 45 miles-per-hour through the construction area?
It was reduced from 55 to 45 miles miles-per-hour due to a tight construction work area, reduced visibility due to construction activities in a limited work zone and for the protection of motorists and construction workers. Safety is always priority number one.

5. When will the access from the Main Street Bridge to Hendricks Avenue be permanently closed?
The closure took place February 2014. This closure alleviates traffic merging in front of vehicles going southbound from the Acosta Bridge to I-95.

6. When will the project be finished?
It is anticipated the project will be completed by the spring of 2018.

7. I travel along the Overland Bridge daily. How can I get weekly traffic information?
You can sign up to receive traffic alerts. It is anticipated that the project will be completed by the spring of 2018.